Multipurpose Patisserie Production Wizard


Hygienic, High speed, Innovative,
Healthy, Easy to use, Compact design

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Pasto Wizard, the patisserie magic machine, specially designed for boutique patisserie and restaurants. Farkprocess is the inventor of Pasto Wizard and it is the first and only manufacturer in Turkey.
Thanks to its compact design, the Pasto Wizard performs all process operations easily with the help of its heating and cooling systems. The machine works with "plug and play" technology. It offers simple solutions with its production kits specially adapted to the product. All you have to do is take the milk and manufacture your products.

Pasto wizard ;

Capacity: 50 liter – 100 liter – 200 liter
Weighs the quantity of milk in liters and kg
Heats milk to 90°
Drops the temperature of the cooked milk to 4°.
Maintains the temperature of the milk at 4°.
Mixes the milk
Made of quality material AISI 304.
Openable lid on top
Machine Construction: Body, chassis, usage panel, heating and cooling system, electrical panel and its using board, manual washing units are completely coupled with the machine. Manual washing system can be optionally integrated with the automatic washing kit.
  • Ice cream production,
  • Chocolate production,
  • Production of cream,
  • Milk desserts,
  • Soup,
  • Food Preparing