Calf Food Production Wizard


Maintained Milk Quality
Low Energy Consume
Maximum Reliability

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Calf food machine using in the preparation of necessary powdered food supplements with the mixture of milk or water. Keeps it between 38 - 42 degrees.

  • Calf food machines are manufacture in 100 lt - 250 lt standard capacities and standard model.
  • 304 quality stainless steel. On large wheels, easy to transport.
  • Mixer located in machine prevents flocculation with speed control device. Uses at desired speed.
  • Food tempreture does not change during feeding because of insulation. Provides energy saving at the same time.
  • Pump operates on its own battery during product serving.
  • After serving, the batteries will plug into electricity for recharging.
  • The amount of milk is detectable in the flow meter in the gun.
  • Very easy and practical cleaning

Calf Food Machine With Pasteurizer

  • The Calf food machine with pasteurizer can heat up to 85 degrees.
  • When the pasteurizer is finished, cold water can be plugged into the cold water valve inputs to reach the desired temperature.


304 quality stainless steel,
Milk and food preparation,
On wheels,
Automatic hand pump distribution system,
Adjustable mixer speed,
Low and high temperature control,
Stainless steel Dn40 outlet valve,
Expansion safety valve,
Automatic battery charging during food preparation,
Two different screens for product and tank temperature