Fark Olive Oil



FARK PROCESS olive oil storage tanks, complemented with some specific equipment for preservation of olive oil do not lose their properties for a long time. The olive oil storage tanks we produce are stock product as a closed circuit and since they are standard equipped with a nitrogen gas pump, at the request of our customers, nitrogen gas is pumped into the tanks and the contact of the olive oil with the air is prevented, eliminating the possibility of oxidation of the oil.

Especially in winter, we recommend heated jacket tanks to our customers to prevent the oil from freezing. The bottom equipment of these tanks are double-walled. The hot water running through the channels of the double wall ensures that the oil in the tank is kept at a temperature that prevents freezing. In the application of FARK PROCESS for the turnkey project in the olive oil sector, the pipelines that provide the filling and discharge of the tanks are designed by our company and assembled according to the requirements of our customers. The sampling tap placed on the body of the tank as a standard, is extremely necessary to keep the quality of the oil under control.

FARK PROCESS Olive Oil Storage Tanks produces in a wide range of olive oil tanks from 300lt half-open-lid to 100 tons giant tanks to provide the best service to our customers.

All the armatures used on the tanks; manholes, valves, sample taps, level indicators etc. are imported from European Countries so the quality of these products are definitely at the highest level. Thanks to the extensive technical staff, our company is able to install PLC controlled automation systems for filling and discharge in turnkey olive oil storage stations along with the piping.

All the valves of the tanks in olive oil storage stations equipped with this type of automation systems are butterfly valves with sensors. The tanks are equipped with upper level sensors and when the upper level is reached during filling, the filling pumps are automatically stopped. Depending on the type of oil, the tanks to be filled are determined by the PLC unit located on the main panel. According to this selection, the valves on the pipeline are automatically opened and closed according to the position of the tank to be filled and then the oil is automatically directed towards the target tank by the system.


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