Ice Cream / Milky Dessert Production Line


Ice Cream

Milky Dessert


The milk coming to the plant for ice cream and milky dessert production is analyzed. Milk that is found suitable as a result of the analysis is accepted. Milk accepted in the milk receiving unit is quantitatively measured and stored. If the milk is to be stored before processing, it is stored at + 4 ° C. It is taken to the mixing preparation unit for ice cream production. In the mixing preparation unit, the mixing preparation tanks are specially designed with a mixer, fitted with a heating jacket and insulated. Sugar, cream, milk powder, sahlep and stabilizers are mixed and heated with the milk brought into the mix preparation tank. The homogenization process of the mixture is optional and can be done before or after pasteurization. The pasteurization temperature is 80-90 °C. Mix cooling is performed at the end of the pasteurization process. The mixture cooled in the plate cooling exchanger is transferred to the maturation tanks. It is cooled to + 4 ° C in maturation tanks and kept at this temperature, preferably for 1 night. The matured ice cream mix, whose maturation process is completed, is frozen to -10 ° C in freezers. After freezing, the ice cream taken into bowls / buckets is shocked at -40 ° C. After shocking, our ice cream is ready.In the production of milk desserts, similar to the preparation of ice cream mix, the dessert mix is prepared, pasteurized, optionally homogenized and cooled. It can be packaged as cold or hot if desired. In milk desserts and ice cream mix preparation systems, evaporators are used to make the mix more concentrated.



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