Fark Wizard Keşfet



Until 2019, Fark Process was only involved in the construction of high capacity industrial milk processing plants.
Many of the plants built as new investments find it difficult to continue or close after some time due to lack of industry information, technical staff and funding.

The first reason why the newly opened facilities have a financing problem is the high organization cost. The investor has to provide a lot of machinery and equipment even to start a small operation with a daily capacity of 2-3 tons. This situation seems to be very complicated for the new investor.

Many of the investors who provide a large amount of budget for fixed investment have problems with working capital. With this observation, we have developed the Wizard series for micro entrepreneurs who want to start their own business

Beneficiaries of our Wizard series machines

  • Entrepreneurs who want to sell raw milk on a mobile basis or as a delicatessen,
  • Delicatessens who want to sell their dairy products themselves,
  • Fast food chains, catering companies, restaurants,
  • Cooperatives, Municipalities, Universities, Research Institutes, Civil Society Initiatives,
  • Micro entrepreneurs who want to sell the product they produce themselves,
  • Civil society initiatives.

Do All with One Machine.

  • Machine Optionals;
  • Product weighing system
  • Interchangeable mixer and cheese curd knifes.
  • Fan heat cause steam discharge, evaporation.
  • Changeable product outlet with different radius sizes.
  • One-to-one filling with gun, product recirculation inside the tank and filling line washing system
  • Otomatic water inlet system for water using processes
  • Stager/Mozarella water boiling unit
  • Yoghurt, buttermilk, feta cheese production unit
  • Online machine tracking and control with remote control system
  • The appropriate machine series and option must be selected for the product to be manufactured.

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