Sert-Yarı Sert Peynir Üretim Hattı



Milk prepared with the desired characteristics after pasteurization, cream standardization and holding pre-treatments, At the fermentation temperature (32-40 ° C depending on the type of cheese to be produced), it will be subjected to the process tanks for fermentation. The curd is put on hold and the formation of the clot is provided. At this stage the whey comes out. The cutting maturity of the clot is checked. Cutting, heating and mixing of the curd all these steps are carried out in cheddar process tanks. In modern system process tanks, all steps are carried out automatically. After the preliminary processes are completed in the process tank, the curd filtering process is started. Curd and whey are separated from each other. While the whey is fed into the curd/ricotta line, the cheese to be made in the drained curd, It is boiled or pressed according to its type. Hard/semi-hard cheeses are divided into two types: the curd is boiled and the curd is not boiled. Curd boiled cheeses; It consists of shaped cheeses such as Mozzarella, kashar cheese, Knit-cheese. Edam, Gouda, Permasan cheese, İzmir-Tulum cheese, which is famous in Turkey, can be given as examples of curd not boiled cheeses. When it comes to the acidity of boiling curd in the traditional process of boiled cheese production, it is boiled in 85 ° C hot salty water. In the modern method boiling by indirect heating. After boiling, it is weighed and molded. The molds are taken to the resting trolleys where they rest for 1 night. Then the molds are removed and packaged in vacuum packages. Curd is pressed during the cheese production process that does not boil clot. Pressing process in cheese vats It can also be made by pressing in round cheese molds. After the pressing process, Salted cheeses are matured for 3-12 months. The maturation process takes place in tins, depending on the type of product. However, it can also be completed in maturation rooms and then packaged.


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