Labneh and Cottage Cheese Production Line



Milk that is passed through the milk acceptance and pre-treatment, pasteurized, cream standardized milk is taken to the pasteurized milk storage tank. The pasteurized milk storage tank is also a feed tank for ultrafiltration. After ultrafiltration, the milk is sent to membrane filtration to be concentrated. Cottage cheese and Labneh cheese have different fat and non-fat dry matter contents, therefore standardization calculations are determined according to the final product. Concentrated cheese milk secondary pasteurization from ultrafiltration is taken into operation. Concentrated cheese milk is pasteurized with the homogenization process and concentrated milk is taken into the mixing tanks. In the production of Labneh cheese; The concentrated milk is fermented and fermented in the mixing tanks. At the end of fermentation, the cooled labneh cheese is packaged in manual or automatic machines. In the production of cottage cheese; the concentrated cheese milk is filled into the packages and fermented inside the packages. At the end of fermentation, the incubation process is started. After the incubation is completed, the cottage cheese is salted and transferred to the cold air storage covered with a closed lid. The process of filling - fermenting - incubating and packaging into cottage cheese packages is carried out in fully automatic machines. However, it can also be carried out with manual equipment.



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