Cream Cheese Production Line



Cream cheese; By the application of salt, water and heat treatment to cheeses of different texture, flavor and maturity, a homogeneous and smooth texture is achieved. It is a kind of melted cheese. Since the quality and taste of the cheese raw materials used are fully reflected in the cream cheese produced, attention is paid to mutual coordination and harmony of taste. The most important characteristic of cream cheese is its high moisture content, it retains its spreadable property even at low temperatures. In cream cheese making; white cheese, hard/semi-hard cheeses, cream, water/milk, salt and melting salts are used. Aroma and texture properties are adjusted by using aged and fresh cheese. The mixture of all raw materials and auxiliary materials is made in Bacth type cream cheese processing machines. While the machine provides cutting/homogenizing effect with its high-speed blender blade system, With the help of the mixing arm, the product is mixed effectively. System steam or hot water jacket is made to 85 ° C pasteurization. Smell stabilization is ensured by vacuum application during pasteurization. The product, whose pasteurization is completed, is transferred to the balance tank and the filling process is started. Filling can be done by manual or automatic machines.


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