Yoghurt Production Line



The milk obtained and pre-treated, pasteurized, cream standardized and homogenized yoghurt comes out at a temperature suitable for the type of yoghurt to be made from the milk plate pasteurizers. In the production of homogenized yoghurt; The milk leaving the pasteurizer at the fermentation temperature is taken to the fermentation tanks. The yoghurt milk, which is fermented and mixed in the tank, is automatically filled into the desired weight by the yoghurt filling machine. Filled and its lid is closed. Yoghurts placed in crates are stacked on pallets. It is left to incubate at 45-50 ° C. The yoghurts taken for cooling after the incubation are ready for shipment the next day. If traditional creamy yoghurt is to be produced, the production becomes intermittent after the pasteurization line. From the pasteurizer, the milk with the cream on the yoghurts is transferred to the balance tank in front of the evaporator and from here it is sent to the evaporator. With the evaporation process, The yoghurt milk brought to the desired dry substance is transferred to the yoghurt packages stacked on yoghurt transport trolleys. The filling takes place at a temperature of 85-90 ° C. This process is carried out automatically in the desired weight with the yoghurt filling machine with a gun. After the yoghurt filling, it is left to cool down to the fermentation temperature. Creamy layer is formed on the yoghurts. The weight of yoghurt milk, reaching the fermentation temperature, is fermented individually with the yeast throwing machine and left for incubation at a temperature of 45-50 ° C. The lids of the yoghurts taken for cooling at the end of the incubation are closed the next day.



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