Fark Powder



Whey, which is separated from curd formation in cheese making, contains lactose and serum protein. This contains a high nutrient content. For this reason, whey is processed and made into whey powder. Produced Whey powder can be used in areas of ice cream, biscuits, chocolate and as a raw material or auxiliary ingredient in many areas. Factories supply whey powder from nearby plants to complete their capacity inset of their own production. Whey is quantitatively weighed and quality controlled before processing. Then the whey is properly stored. From the storage tanks, it is taken to the purification separators (clarifiers) and cleaned. After cleaning, it is heated to 50-55° in Plate heat exchanger and then transported to the cream separator to remove the fat it contains. All the cream in the heated whey is removed and fat-free whey is obtained. The fat-free whey obtained is pasteurized to 90° in the plate pasteurizer and cooled to 4° in the outlet of the pasteurizer. The cold whey is concanted in the nanofilter to 20-22° Brix. This process is primary and the second process is processed in evaporators. The whey is concentrated in the evaporator to 50-55° Brix and transported to the crystallization tanks. Crystallization tanks with exclusive mixer structure are cooled with 1°C cold water from the tank jacket. Cooled concentrated whey is crystallized. After completion of crystallization, the crystallized whey is transported to the drying tower via a high-pressure homogenizer. Splashed, crystallized and concentrated whey with high pressure from the drying tower nozles will be dried with hot air. The drying outlet with 98% dry matter of the whey powder is sieved through, the final cleaning is carried out and bagged.



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